Cycling to Tomb of Bijri Khan

While we now see a lot of temples in Delhi today, there was a time when all there was to Delhi was mausoleums and tombs. So much so that it was called the city of tombs. One monument that stands true that fact, watching the current times roll on is Bijri Ka tomb. Only if... Continue Reading →


Cycling to the oldest tomb in India

The ride was destined for Qutub Minar and on the way back we had planned to explore the oldest tomb in India of “Sultan Gari” but we couldn’t help but notice a tomb on top of a small hillock on the way to the Minar. After taking a small chai break on a kiosk near... Continue Reading →

If you’re a cyclist there’s a high probability that your baptism ride was destined for India Gate and you ate at the Mysore Café. You chose India Gate as your first ride because as a cyclist in Delhi it was inscribed in your DNA and you ate at Mysore Café because it opens at the... Continue Reading →

Beatles Ashram

Rishikesh has a charm that attracts foreigners and Indians alike, be it meditation, Ganges, the Ashram or Ghats, there’s something for everyone. From all that vibrates with the universe in Rishikesh, one place that has stopped being what it used to be and still has a feel that is similar to that of one-sided love... Continue Reading →

Kerala Bhawan

Central Delhi has a lot of things to offer, from the super market i.e. Connaught Place to the notoriously famous Ugrasen ki Baoli, Jantar Mantar, it also has no shortage of State Bhawans. One such Bhawan is Kerala Bhawan. Located on the peaceful Jantar Mantar road which is also the official place for demonstration and... Continue Reading →

Cycling to Bara Lao Ka Gumbad

JO: Delhi has a habit of hiding its monuments. One such monument is Bara Loa ka Gumbad. Built in 1490, this 600-year-old monument is perfectly hidden inside the DDA park of Vasant Vihar. It was a short ride from Dwarka of 18kms. What surprised us the most was how close it was to the notoriously... Continue Reading →

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