Why did I start reading Geeta

Why did I start reading Geeta? I’d like to ask a question at the beginning. Isn’t Geeta a story to begin with? Fiction or non-fiction that depends on which side of the river you live but they’re stories. According to Yuval Noah Harari, the author of the book “Sapiens”, we might have created these stories... Continue Reading →

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The fault in our stars: John Green

Is there something romantic about our favorite people dying, a feeling excruciatingly painful yet generous in the sense that only one can feel and can’t even express it with the other. Maybe, that’s what makes “P.S. I Love you” and “The fault in our stars” so great reads. As the protagonist, Augustus Waters says “The... Continue Reading →

New Journey

We are going to start a new journey on this blog site of knowing the why, maybe for looking some answers or at least to sound intellectual. I've been posting of our rides and places but since I've a GoPro now, Youtube will tell stories of our rides and places and this blog post will... Continue Reading →

Cycling to Tomb of Bijri Khan

While we now see a lot of temples in Delhi today, there was a time when all there was to Delhi was mausoleums and tombs. So much so that it was called the city of tombs. One monument that stands true that fact, watching the current times roll on is Bijri Ka tomb. Only if... Continue Reading →

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