5 am club – Robin Sharma (Not a review)

This was my 10th book of the year 2019 and also a gift from my friends at Alliance Francaise de Delhi.

Ok, not in the sequence but just to remember an epiphany I should write it now, before starting any project some of us, certainly I, are over-ridden by the questions of “how, why, when” in all the wrong ways. Like the quote of Nietzche in the book “Man’s search of meaning- Victor Frankl”; “a man who knows his why will certainly know his how”. Well, that’s how things work, but to put it succinctly they sometimes can overpower us in a negative way and that’s where I think the “5 AM club” works wonders. Considering some other books of Robin Sharma that I’ve read like the monk who sold his Ferrari and Who will cry when you’ll die this was expected to be a good read.

It’s not a book review there are plenty out there.

The great thing about this book is that answers the statement “that I don’t have time” and also the fact that our mind randomly switches from focus mode to diffuse mode out of its own will when it’s required to deliver on the projects. This process helps to get the system right of our thoughtfulness in the morning itself giving us ample time to do the actual stuff.

So, the solution? Rise up early in the morning to give you a head start before the mind starts to cogitate and reflect on the day on the advance, exercise and show gratitude for all the things.

What it also helps is to get over with the work which we’ll most probably won’t do in the remaining day. That’s why this epoch is so imp and the author also tell what to do and how to do with the leverage of modifying it with your desires and needs.

For me, it feels that I have a longer day when I’m done with the meditation and exercise in the morning, the tasks which will otherwise be pushed outside by the business of life or laziness. Writing the things that I want to do before the what’s app warms up certainly helps to get the thoughts inclined. The most important, I feel happy that it’s not the end of the day, the sun will rise and I will make things happen.

All in all, a good read. Stats the obvious and ulterior fact of waking up early will benefit your life in a better way.

Feature Image: Google, Amazon

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